P. Bryn Benson, Author
Photo by Ian Iyengar

P. Bryn Benson was born in 1955 and grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, the sixth of seven children. Being part of a large family, she discovered early on the value of being a good listener and keen observer, something she believes directs her writing today. Bryn is a multi-tasking joy-enabler, (a stay-at-home Mom). Since childhood she has enjoyed collecting found objects and bringing home stray items, giving her home a style she calls “early eclectic.” Bryn lives with her son, two dogs, two cats and one gold fish that will not die, in Highland Park, Illinois. She is a self-described “music junkie” and lover of beach glass. This is her first book.

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Lisa Cinelli, Illustrator

Self portrait by Lisa Cinelli

Lisa Cinelli grew up in and around Chicago, Illinois. The eldest of four children, she learned early on how to navigate public transportation. With sketchbook and pencil in hand, Lisa often visited one of her favorite places in the world, The Art Institute of Chicago. Always a reader, Lisa has combined her love of words and pictures to become a painter, an author/illustrator, and now teaches at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives in Highland Park, IL, where her art supplies and books take up every inch of her little house.

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Josefina's favorite sites:

Sea Glass Jewelry -
Beach Glass Jewelry by Relish
If you love beach glass and hunting the shorelines for these wonderful little gems, then you will love what these two sisters in my hometown create!

Mustard's Retreat
David's song, A Simple Faith is Josefina's favorite. Listen to A Simple Faith while browsing this site and follow along with the lyrics!

If you do not have an MP3 player, we suggest the following free downloads:



The official David Wilcox web site
Songs to fill you up and sweep you away from any ordinary day.

J o h n G o r k a . c o m
Music that makes a difference in peoples' lives.

Rock For Reading - Voices for Literacy
Chicago singer/songwriter Alice Peacock's not-for-profit group that promotes literacy! Check out Alice's music site too: alicepeacock.com

Drew Nelson
Drew's music - intelligent lyrics meet a heart of gold - one of the best songwriters out there today.

Justin Roth - Official Web Site
Justin's music is not soon forgotten.

Billy Jonas
Singalong....bangalong....whisperalong.  Billy is an explosion of energy and joy.

Play for Peace: A global organization teaching children to live and play together 
Teaching people to be leaders for peace. Helping children learn how to live and play together in creating more peaceful communities.

Jeff Curto
A photographer who transforms ordinary objects into extraordinary phenomena.

Ghar Sita Muta - House with a Heart
Home for abandoned children and training center for destitute woman.

JB Interaction : New Media Design
The web designers who put Josefina on the Internet.


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